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We know that starting out in the industry can be tough, but with hard work and persistence, you can succeed with these leads. We suggest calling, texting, and emailing each lead for the best results possible.

Leads have shown to have a conversion rate of 9-17%.

What separates us from other vendors? You get to talk to a real life person, not just a computer.

  • Minimum Quantity: 25 leads = $200
  • Target Location: Statewide Only

*Disclaimer: Our refund policy does not apply to this special offer. However, if you wish to purchase our higher quality final expense leads you may request refunds on any bad lead.

Economy Final Expense Leads

The leads are best for agents who are in telesales.

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I truly appreciate how good the leads are from Legacy Leads and I will be purchasing many more batches of leads from now on because of how reliable and accurate they are.


I have set 6 appointments and sold 3 plan rights off those leads. 2 appointments were no shows. I am going to buy more soon, once these policies get paid!